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How Even The Most Powerful Slingshots Today Still Retain The Same Details Of The Past The slingshot is one of the most ancient weapons of mankind and it's still in use today in some parts of the word. Of course, the original slingshots of thousands of years ago lacked the rubber or elastic bands that we have now. The basic design was nearly the same, though, a 'Y' shaped piece of strong wood with a leather strap that could hold a stone. When the slingshot was spun overhead, it would reach a decent velocity, then one end of the leather strap was let loose to allow the stone to fly through the air and hit the target. Since nearly anyone of that time period could make their own slingshot with items nearby, it was a common tool used to kill small animals for food and maybe protect the family from larger wild animals. When Rubber Was Discovered In 1839, Everything Changed For The Slingshot Certainly when Goodyear discovered rubber he didn't have the slingshot in mind, but it turned out that used tire inner tubes were perfect elastic bands for the slingshot, so the weapon made a resurgence in popularity that has withstood the test of time. One of the great things about slingshots is that they're very portable and can be slipped into the pocket anytime for concealment, but still be pulled out and used if prey is sighted in an instant. They're also very silent so other animals aren't frightened away, or neighbors alerted to the hunting activities. Plus, since they use almost any available stones of various sizes, there's never a worry of running out of ammo, it's everywhere. Unfortunately, they do have a limited range, so the hunter will need to sneak up on the prey before firing, or the animal may only be stunned because of the loss of power in a long range shot. The most powerful slingshots now all have wristbands to help keep the wrist straight while aiming. This allows the hunter to add more elastic bands without worrying about being able to keep the wrist in the proper form when aiming. Even Today, Slingshots Haven't Changed Very Much Even the most powerful slingshots being sold on the market today still retain the same basic form they've always had for the past 150 years. The materials of the forks have gotten lighter and stronger on the most expensive models and the latex elastic bands have gotten stronger and more reliable. The best pouches are still made from leather just like a thousand years ago. While they're thought of as a kids toy, these powerful slingshots are fun for nearly all ages and can even be used in competitions. They can be highly accurate at 8 to 10 yards and that's plenty when shooting in a backyard situation. At least you never have to worry about a shot going a mile through the neighborhood and striking some small child. If you've got the urge to become a kid again, or you have kids and would like to teach them a fairly safe but useful sport, then slingshots are a great gift. Even the best ones available online are quite affordable for anyone to buy and most have interchangeable parts for easy repairs as well.

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  1. Slingshot

    This Slingshot has a Light aluminum frame and split leather pouch.

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  2. Rubber Band For Slingshots
    Rubber Band For Slingshots

    Replacement Rubber Band For Slingshots with extra ammo.

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