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SafeFamilyLife Kits

Women's Survival Kits Whether you're headed off to college, or out to the workforce, every woman should be prepared for an emergency, that's why it's so important to have a women's survival kit. A survival kit can be comprised of anything that will make life a bit easier for a woman. Here are some ideas to help get you started on your own survival kit. A survival kit should be at the ready at all times, whenever something is used out of the kit it should be replaced as soon as possible. Here are the basics of a kit to prepare: Pantyhose (these can be used for warmth, to tie things with and more) Complete change of clothes. At least 3 days worth of medications. Matches in a dry case. Dental Floss Survival bracelet that can be taken apart to use if needed. Blanket (space blankets are small, lightweight and open up to full size). Food (portable lightweight snacks are best). A few plastic grocery bags. Small cup for water and water purification tablets. Feminine hygiene products (both pads and tampons, you can use them for first aid as well as their obvious intention). Old compact with mirror. The mirror can be used for signaling for help. Hand sanitizer. Lint remover brush and plastic bags. You can use these to create fire starters by removing lint from clothing and then lighting lint on fire. Some form of safety such as a stun gun (there are many to choose from) or a weapon of some sort for protection. Safety pins. Zip Ties. Duct tape. Bailing twine. Emergency medical kit tailored to her needs. All of the above-mentioned items can be repurposed into a variety of uses. Open up the plastic bags to form a waterproof cover if it's raining. Use the zip ties or safety pins to pin them up overhead. Or, use the duct tape or bailing twine to tie them or tape them together. When it comes to an emergency, the sky is the limit as to how many repurposed items you can use. If it can be thought of, it can probably be used. Always focus on including items that can readily be multi purposed. The more multi purposing you can come up with, the better. Remember, every item should have more than one use when you pack it into your emergency kit. Be creative and read up on multi purpose items. Example: A tampon can be used for the obvious reasons, it can also be used to stop a nosebleed, to filter muddy water and when torn open and teased apart it can also work as a bandage for other wounds. Extra clothing can be used for warmth, for shelter and more. Be creative and keep an open mind. Many a hiker has survived because they used their emergency kit. Just remember to replace every item in women's survival kit that you've used. This way, you'll always have a survival kit at the ready whenever you need it.

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