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  • Keeping our ladies safe

    I want to cover a topic that has been touched upon in my other blogs. Women being abused, beaten, raped, and killed by either people they know or strangers. The video that goes with this blog is a lot more graphic and violent than my usual ones. This is a warning to people who may be more sensitive to videos like this. I felt that I had to show this video to impress the realities that are going on in our society. When you watch this just remember, these things do actually occur and need to be dealt with.

    Crime is nothing new to our society. Ever since man figured out he could build an army and impose his will on his neighbor, he has done so. Certain individual in our society, today ,don't hold the values of treating other people with the respect they deserve. Some go even further and commit violent acts to take what someone has earned. Others go even farther to commit sexual crimes against others, especially women. I sell products to help give these women an edges to fight back. They can then turn the tables against their abusers. This empowers them to feel safer and teach their sons and daughters to protect themselves.

    I have mentioned some of the main products such as stun guns, mace, pepper sprays, and hidden cameras. They are created to prevent the crime from happening in the first place. I have others such as steel batons, home and window alarms, and many others to protect those people you care about. These are not just products, they allow a way of life with more security and safety.

    With a closing statement just remember, these crimes against women especially, are not acceptable and can be prevented. The ladies in all of our lives deserve to be safe from violence. Hope to hear from you and stay safe.

  • Why Stun Guns Are So Important In Society




    Self-Defense products have become are integral part of our society. Police, regular citizens, and most anybody in security carry one. Police first use them on each other at the academy to let them know what it feels like to be stunned. This gives them some idea of what they can do to take down a perpetrator. The stun gun and pepper spray become, in most cases, their first line of defense before they have to use lethal force. The know these tools are a great addition to their arsenal in fighting crime.

    What about the regular citizen who gets a stun gun and don't know exactly how to use it effectively? Well, there are plenty of places to look for instructions on how to use them to their fullest potential. Getting to know exactly how they work and practicing with them is a vital part of efficiently protecting themselves. Signing up for a citizens police class is not a bad idea either. They have more practical experience on how to best use them in hostile situations.

    What else do you need to know about using stun guns? It is a good idea to find out what your particular stun gun is capable of doing. They are not all made exactly the same. Finding out how how close you have to be to an assailant to stun them is a good idea. Smaller or elderly people might want to choose something that gives them more space to take down an attacker. Another consideration is, can the stun gun be used against me if it is taken or does it have a disabling pin. Most are made with these but it is wise to check before you encounter a hostile situations. Finally, you need to find out how long they can be used before they need to be charge. Having a stun gun that is not working properly can leave you in a bad situation.

    Make sure you take all these tips into account when you purchase a stung gun or other self-defense product. A proper working unit will keep you safe and on top. Check out my great selection on my website you are visiting. Hope you and your family keep safe.

  • Dummy Cameras For Security

    Dummy cameras are a good way for people on a limited budget to have that security against robbers or anybody up to no good. There are several different kind. Some are outside with a panel on top that is powered by the sun. This camera moves back and forth with a flashing red led light that will fool anyone. It also can be set to a motion sensor mode, so when someone passes by it, it will move back and forth.

    You also have cameras that are battery powered to put inside to keep people you can't see honest when you are not looking. They are very easy to install and look more than real enough to give you the security for your home that you are looking for.

    Dummy cameras have become more popular for several reasons. They are very affordable for people on a tight budget or just don't want to invest in a real camera. They are very easy to install and made of top grade plastic that can withstand weather conditions.

    Remember, you need something to give you more peace of mind at night and a dummy camera fits that description. You don't have to invest in the expensive parts and repairs of regular surveillance cameras. There have been a lot of opinions on whether they can actually fool most thieves. Most of the review say that most thieves don't want to take the chance when they see a flashing red light and a motion detecting camera.

    The bottom line is most criminals will move on to the next house because they think is an easier target. Sure, some thieves are aware of fake cameras, but most just don't want to take the time to check them out when there is easier prey to be found. So, come and check and invest in one today.

  • Hide in plain sight Diversion Safe

    Most people work hard for what they earn each day. Some hold two and even three jobs. Then along comes a criminal ,who breaks in and steals your money, jewelry, or whatever else he can get his hands on. Crime statistics say that a burglary occurs every thirteen seconds in the United States each day. That's about two and a half million per year. Most are done by young men under twenty five years old, ,looking for something to quickly sell for cash.

    Criminals spend an average of about eight minutes in a home, hoping to get something easy to sell or score cash. The average amount of cash stolen each year is about one $1,115,000,000. Yes, that is in the billions. Only about three point one percent of it is ever recovered. Stolen jewelry measures about $1,500,000,000. Only about 4.2 percent of it is ever recovered. So, how do you successfully hide the things you work so hard for.

    Diversion Safes can hide things in plain sight. There are a variety of things from books, cans, peanut butter jars, and the list goes on. They look like the real thing and are weighted to match them. In other words, a criminal can't tell the difference between the real thing and a fake. As a matter of fact, they won't even be looking at the diversion safe.

    A diversion safe is a must have for people who want to keep what they work so hard for. Remember, most thieves want an easy score' and don't want to be in the home any longer than they have to. The safes are very reasonably priced and come in a wide range of choices to match each persons taste. You can check them out on my website and choose the one that matches your particular taste.

  • The fun slingshot

    Today I want to talk about something a little less serious than my usual topics. Do most of you remember when you were a kid firing a bb gun at bottles or throwing firecrackers and watching them explode. These were some of the things you could enjoy with friends or your family. What I want to talk is my personal favorite the slingshot.

    I used to slingshots out of sticks with a rubber band and shoot them at cans or bottles. This is something I enjoyed with my friends or even sometimes with my father. It was a simpler time, but the joy I got with that simple device surpasses most of what I enjoy today. I would fire rocks, bolts, or whatever I could find to put in my makeshift slingshot. I would do this on the weekend sometimes from morning to night and loved every moment of it. Things have changed with technology, but I believe most kids today could really benefit from this simple activity.

    The slingshots of today are made a lot sturdier, and fire a lot farther. The specific slingshot I am talking about has a light aluminum frame and has a split pouch. The slingshot conveniently folds down to a very manageable compact size. It fires a distance of a hundred yards. Boy, what fun I could have had if I had one of those in the nineteen seventies.

    You, however, have the luxury to enjoy this incredible, but very simple device. Just make sure that you don't aim it at a person unless they are breaking into your house or trying to harm you. Its power would take a person down at close range. Hope you come check it out at my website. Until you do, have a fun filled life and stay safe.

  • HD Weatherproof indoor/outdoor camera with night vision

    I think back on a time when I lived on a farm with my sister. She lived in a remote area with a new barn on a good piece of property. There was a lot of vandalism and she could never catch the perpetrators. She didn't have insurance like most people have these days so she basically had to take the loss on  the damage. Today, however, technology has progressed and we have a lot more options to protect what's ours.

    There are several options  to keep an eye on your property. Some people have the money to hire security guards, but that is not feasible for a lot of people. You have continuous money going out. You can put up fences to keep people out, but that only works part of the time so you need a better plan. What is the best economical solution? I want to introduce you to a great product  I sell on my website.

    The professional HD indoor/outdoor camera with night vision. It will keep an eye on your property with a clarity unlike any other camera. It is very easy to attach to either wall or ceiling and is weatherproof. You can see if anything is going on inside your house  when you are gone. You can also see and record anything that happens on your property. If there is an intruder, you will have all the evidence to stop them from damaging your property. The camera can view and record up to a hundred and fifty feet. No one can do something without you knowing it.

    In conclusion, these days people need that extra protection of a good camera. When someone damages what's yours and you have no proof, you have to take the loss. It is also a good idea to reduce liability for insurance purpose. Come check it out.




  • Pet Blinker Safety Light

    Do you have that special pet you want to keep safe from harm?  I had a special  keeshond dog that would like to run off(especially in the dark) and I would have a really hard time finding him.  Also, sometimes when I was walking him at night cars or people would come way too close for comfort. I had fifteen good years with this dog( his name was prince if I didn't mention this before.) I have found new ways to keep may current little dog safe when she tends to make unscheduled trips.

    I use what is called the pet blinker safety light. You can attach it to the leash, collar,  or harness, and it can be seen up to a half mile. The colors are very vibrant  and illuminating. You can be sure you will be seen by everybody that's out at night. Also, if you dog does escape, you can be sure you can easily locate him or her. It is a fun and sensible way to take care of your pets safety.

    These safety lights have been proven, on occasion, to prevent a pet from being harmed or killed. Other benefits are that it is easy to attached and is very minimal cost for your budget. Most people spend a lot of money trying to come up with ways to keep their pet from  getting hurt, but you can do it with this cheap collar and feel good about the investment in their welfare.

    If you decide you want to take a look, you can visit me at my highlighted webpage above and check things out. Their are a lot of other good products that would benefit both you and your pet at very reasonable cost. It is my goal to help keep people and their loved ones safe.

  • Nap Alarm

    I love road trips, though I admit I hate to drive.  I have taken road trips with my best friend and my sister.  My best friend will start her road trip early in the morning and after a few hours we will stop for breakfast.  We will make several stops so she can walk around and stretch our legs or eat.  My sister has been known to start her road trips at midnight (taking advantage of nearly empty roads) drive all night and then take a nap when she gets to her destination.  She, also, naps before she starts the trip.  Both of them are incredibly safe drivers.
    But sometimes it is not a matter of being a safe driver.  People can be far from home because a trip takes longer than originally planned due to unexpected stops, side trips, or minor car problems.  That is when the Nap Alarm can be a nifty little device.  A person is driving down the road has gotten a little drowsy and their head nods forward; the nap alarm goes off waking the driver and telling the passengers if any what has happened, allowing a possible driver switch for everyone's safety.  This alarm is worn over the ear and has a positioning sensor which is triggered when the head drops forward.
    This device can be great for a variety of people.  Truck drivers who have to get back on the road but didn't sleep well.  People who work 3rd shift but are not use to it.  Students pulling all nighters.  So whether this is needed for safety or just to stay awake and help a person concentrate, the nap alarm could make a great gift.
    Later and stay safe and have fun.

  • The practical Kubotan

    Kubotans, what are they? They are cylindrically shaped and about 5.5 inches long. They are made of a construction metal and the hand has ridges for a great grip. Their popularity has doubled over the past few years. They originated in japan and became popular in the us when they were introduced to the LAPD for female officers.

    They come on a keychain and are sold in a variety of colors. They can be easily hidden on the body and are deceptively powerful. Pressing on somebody's chest with the end is painful and with force them back. You can strike your attacker in a variety of areas on the body and will cause and instant attitude adjustment. The are a great addition in the self-defense arsenal.

    Still you may say, why a kubotan? Well, owing a gun is not for everybody and even you have one there is a number of places that it is illegal to carry it. Not so with a kubotan. It is not legally considered a weapon and anyone is allowed to own one. You can carry it anywhere as your secret protection.

    A final thought. Kubotans are meant for self-defense if you cannot get away from your attacker. Don't try to be a hero and fight the person to teach them a lesson. Get away if you can. Make sure you practice with it so you don't wind up getting hurt. STAY SAFE!

  • The awesome Pepper Spray

    There are many products on the market for self-defense. Some are lethal like a handgun or knife. These are not for everybody. I will introduce you to a great and popular no-lethal self-defense alternative. Hot shot pepper spray mad with finer grains than the coarser grains and much more effective.

    Pepper spray can come disguised in many different forms such as a pen, lipstick, or keychain. That's what you want- the element of surprise on your attacker. These criminals have been using that on the regular law abiding person for years. It's time for you to give them a taste of their on medicine. Show them what it's like to be the victim.

    The pepper pen can spray up to eight feet and can take out multiple assailants with 6-10 one second bursts. Lipstick pepper spray is the one I really recommend for a woman out by themselves or on a date- especially with someone you don't know that well.

    The main reason for having this pepper spray is so you can disorient your assailant and get away. The spray does this by causing the mucous membranes to swell up and the eyes to burn and close. This will give you time to get away and get help.






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