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stun guns and tasers

  • Tasers For Women

    There are kinds that could be set to supply electric cycles for an optimal time. For instance, there are those that instantly will just permit you to utilize the Taser to provide electric pulses for a cycle that will certainly last for just 30 secs. Such functions will certainly avoid you from supplying a lot of pulses for an extended period of time. This is the very best kind for ladies to bring as this will certainly provide adequate power to permit you to flee as for you could from your assaulter.
    Females are thought about a much more at risk team when it pertains to physical security and also defense versus attack as well as various other instances. This could be since females, unlike males, have smaller sized construct as well as typically do not have adequate expertise in dealing with methods.
    It is currently time to transform this as ladies nowadays are a lot more encouraged as well as substantially have the very same duties as males in our culture. One means through which ladies could safeguard themselves is with using self-defense gadgets such as a Taser.
    You must come to be an accountable proprietor of such a protection gadget. For one, you could start by making certain that you are utilizing it suitably. There are some states that need that you have documents or certificate when you have such tool.
    Although this thing is non dangerous, it needs to still be taken care of with treatment. Stay clear of leaving it anywhere particularly where kids could reach it. There are extremely mobile Taser items that could be continued a hand bag to ensure that you could lug them on everyday basis when you head out of your home.

  • Power of Little Stun Guns

    Present generation stun weapons are a lot more innovative. The manufacturers of stun weapons have actually had the ability to use leading side modern technology to develop gadgets with even more attributes which are a lot more trusted. As a whole, they are additionally a lot more small. Several of the tiniest designs are so tiny, they could conveniently be hidden in the hand of your hand.
    Yet can a little stun weapon truly maintain you risk-free? The response is of course.
    Allows look even more at 3 of the tiniest stun weapons:
    The smaller sized stun weapons are additionally a lot more reliable if you reach big muscle mass teams in the body, although anywhere will certainly function. They electric current will certainly undergo regarding an inch of clothes, so you do not need to make straight call with birthday suit. You could maintain the tiny stun weapons with you in all times. Remain secure!
    While all stun weapons need to make call to function, a fifty percent to a 2 2nd touch will certainly repel them as well as create discomfort. A 2 to 5 2nd touch will certainly interfere with the electric system in the mind. This creates the aggressor to blow up of their muscular tissues. A lot of times they will certainly drop and also might also damp or dirt themselves.
    A tiny stun weapon that you could hide in the hand of your hand enables you to maintain the advantage by utilizing the aspect of shock versus an assailant.
    Lipstick Stun Gun: This is the tiniest of the 3 as well as regarding the dimension and also measurements of a routine tube of lipstick. It is additionally rechargeable and also consists of a flashlight setting. This set produces 3 million volts of power.
    The Runt: The biggest of the 3, the Runt has to do with the dimension of a deck of cards. It has actually a constructed in battery charger so you never ever need to fret about those 9 volt batteries any longer. It additionally has a flashlight setting as well as a wrist band disabling pin so it can not be utilized to surprise you if it obtains removed from you. It creates 10 million volts of power.
    The Lil Guy: This stun weapon has to do with half the dimension of the Runt. This makes it very easy to put right into a pocket and even a little bag. It additionally has actually an integrated in battery charger and also a flashlight setting. The Lil Guy produces 7.5 million volts.

  • Lipstick stun gun for women

    Stun Master has actually long been a leader in the self-defense market. They have actually produced a wide variety of stun weapons to fit every self-defense as well as way of living require.
    In the past, among one of the most prominent versions for females was the Lipstick Stun Gun. Its tiny dimension made it best for maintaining it put right into a tiny handbag or clutch. This permits the lady to maintain the upper hand with the component of shock. It additionally made the stun weapon much more very discreet. However some were worried that the little dimension did not permit it to be reliable.
    Currently, Stun Master has actually used leading side modern technology making this preferred non deadly self-defense tool also much better.

    Brighter LED Light. Do not take too lightly the function a great flashlight plays in self-defense. Certainly, it could brighten poorly lit locations, making them more secure. However you could likewise radiate the light straight right into a person's face which will certainly a.) make it harder for them to see you. b.) lower their vision for a couple of secs as their eyes adjust to regular lights. This will certainly provide you time to take more activity.

    Greater Voltage The brand-new Lipstick Stun Gun is currently 3 million volts solid. This ought to ease any type of worries regarding it being solid sufficient to utilize in self-defense. Stun weapons function by unloading a lot of power right into the muscle mass in a brief quantity of time. A fifty percent 2nd to a 2 2nd touch will certainly create discomfort as well as repel your assailant. A 2 to 5 2nd call will certainly interfere with the electric system in the mind. This will certainly trigger your attacker to blow up of their muscular tissues. Sometimes they will certainly be up to the ground. Some also damp or dirt themselves. It likewise triggers a baffled or dazed psychological state. It takes anywhere from 2 to 10 mins to completely recuperate from the impacts, which provides you time to obtain to security.

    As in the past, the lipstick stun weapon is rechargeable. You never ever need to bother with acquiring brand-new batteries. Merely reenergize it utilizing the wall surface battery charger which is consisted of.
    Electrical energy never ever looked so great!
    Remain risk-free!

    In addition, also the noise of a stun weapon being turned on has actually been shown to be a deterrent. Nobody likes the idea of being surprised with power - especially the crooks.

    A lot more shades to select from. The brand-new design is currently offered in pink, absence and also purple. It has an appealing diamond style, making it a lot more very discreet compared to ever before.

  • Tasers for Self-Defense

    Just what are TASERS?
    · TASERS are non-lethal electroshock gadgets for self-defense objectives just that interrupt the body's neuromuscular systems utilizing electric currents.
    · With any kind of TASER if utilized for self-defense and also you leave it behind to leave, submit an authorities record as well as send out a duplicate to TASER International and also they will certainly change your TASER absolutely free.
    Is it lawful bring TASERS?
    · If you're over 18 years old you could lug TASERS legitimately in 43 states. TASERS are limited in these states: DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, and also WI, and also in these cities: Annapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, as well as Philadelphia. There are unique limitations in Connecticut and also Illinois. Constantly consult your regional authorities before buying a TASER in your location if you are uncertain concerning their validity. Back ground look for a charge are essential to trigger them.
    · You could not lug TASERS in court spaces, some federal government structures as well as some institutions. When passing by air airplane your TASER will certainly need to remain in your inspected hauled.
    Exactly how do TASERS function?
    · TASERS do not count on discomfort conformity like a regular stun weapon. They make use of an inert pressed nitrogen gas that forecasts out 2 probes (darts) to a size of 15 feet at 160 feet each secondly. Electric pulses range from the TASER down shielded cords to the probes where they reach the towels or body of an aggressor causing the instantaneous failing of their neuromuscular control. This takes all their synchronization away throughout of the pulse offering you the possibility to get away. It does not matter where you struck the body the affect coincides. After being terminated the TASER functions like a Stun weapon.
    Do TASERS service pets?
    · TASERS just weren't developed with that said in mind and also are especially targeted for the human nerves; nevertheless TASERS have actually been revealed to service canines. TASERS where made with over under probes for upright targets so you would certainly need to transform the TASER sidewards in order to strike a pet properly with both probes. I will not suggest this item for defense versus pets.
    Do TASERS leave any kind of long-term result?
    · Studies have actually revealed that TASER gadgets in and also of them self's reason no long-term impacts as a matter of fact "a January 1987 Annals of Emergency Medicine research reported that comparable TASER innovation leaves no long-lasting injuries compared to 50% long-term injuries for gunfire injuries."
    · When a TASER strikes an individual they blow up of all neuromuscular capacities for a little while dropping them to the ground as well as leaves them really feeling stunned for a couple of seconds, nevertheless recuperation happens the minute the pulses quit.


  • Advantages of a good Stun Gun

    Whereas stun weapons have acquired substantial limelight's, numerous still ask, "exactly how do stun weapons function?" Essentially, a stun weapon is an extremely reliable individual safety and security device that could be lugged in nearly any type of component of the nation. Today, 9 states forbid the possession of stun weapons, as do some specific cities and also regions. For those that have the lawful alternative of lugging a stun weapon, this small yet effective tool gives a reliable methods of self-defense in a conveniently concealable plan. Recognizing exactly how stun weapons function could indicate the distinction in between getaway as well as risk.
    Just how do Stun Guns Work versus Perpetrators?
    A stun weapon jobs by providing an electric shock to the body that is high in voltage however reduced in power level, making it risk-free without creating any type of long-lasting results. Exactly how do stun weapons operate in releasing voltage? When the stun weapon is related to the body, an electric circuit is developed that enables the circulation of the electrical power via the recipient's body. Exactly how do stun weapons function after that in crippling the criminal? The power interferes with the mind's signals to the volunteer muscular tissue teams, providing such locations as the legs, arms, hands, as well as feet worthless. Uncontrolled muscle mass remain to work, such as those that regulate the heart and also lungs. Digestive tract feature might or might hold.
    In an assault, nonetheless, just how do stun weapons function immediately in safeguarding the sufferer? When a stun weapon strike is provided, the recipient normally goes stiff from go to toe. The knees might distort, or the individual might drop completely to the ground. They will normally stay inflexible throughout the shock cycle. There will certainly be no resilient dangerous impacts from obtaining a stun weapon shock, although the muscular tissues might ache for a couple of days because of them acquiring vigorously throughout the application of the shock.
    Just how do stun weapons operate in regards to psychological incapacitating for the criminal? Along with the physical impacts, the recipient of a stun weapon shock will certainly come to be baffled and also dizzy, which could last as much as a number of mins. While the physical results of a stun weapon application discolor virtually instantly once the electrical power circulation has actually discontinued, the emotional impacts continue to be in position for some time. Hence, just how do stun weapons function most strongly? Undoubtedly, the mix of physical incapacitation with the psychological complication that occurs supplies the individual a superb possibility for retreat from an aggressor.
    That Do Stun Guns Work Against?
    Exactly how do stun weapons antagonize all wrongdoers? The stun weapon will certainly give a reliable, disabling impact to virtually any kind of aggressor. Remember, however, that absolutely nothing is totally fail-safe. Particular individuals could not be impacted by the shock that the stun weapon provides, although this is incredibly unusual. Those that might not experience the complete impacts of a stun weapon consist of the emotionally sick, or those that are under a hefty impact of controlled substances or alcohol.
    Beating a Stun Gun:
    Since today, private citizens do not have a means to beat the impacts of a stun weapon that is made use of versus them. Just those defined over might be immune from experiencing the complete impacts, however there is no chance to totally prevent the performance of a stun weapon.
    A current tool developed by an electric designer is a safety textile that disturbs the electric current's capability to shut a circuit with the body. The electrical power utilizes the material to shut the circuit rather, shielding the body from experiencing the results. This textile is presently just readily available to the armed forces as well as to police authorities.
    Whereas many individuals had concerns relating to "just how do stun weapons function," the effective psychological as well as physical incapacitating results of stun weapon voltage make it an outstanding individual safety and security tool.

  • Is the Stun Master Stun Baton right for you?

    An electrical baton, is an additional name for a Stun Gun Baton. They are eletroconvulsive gadgets that have actually been utilized by police officers, armed forces employees as well as security personnel for years. Yet Stun Gun Batons have actually ended up being a large amount extra typical as an expanding variety of regular individuals, like you as well as me, are utilizing them for self-defense.
    Why are Stun Gun Batons so efficient? Since:

    They can disarming an assaulter by sending out an extremely high voltage and also reduced amperage right into your main nerve system. The brand-new design includes a method greater voltage( 12 million volts compared with the 800,000 prior to).

    Think it or otherwise, a fringe benefit of the Stun Baton is, they occur to be an incredibly efficient self-defense versus wild animals as their lengthened variety assistance maintain your hands and also arms a range far from their teeth as feasible.

    The Stun Gun Baton can be found in different sizes. They additionally supply functions like a high db alarm system and also integrated flashlight. You choose the one that fits your requirements. Stun Gun Batons that are expanding give a similar extended reach to the basic ones. Yet the expanding ones use a couple of even more choices, like the integrated flashlights, distinct alarms, as well as disable safety and security pins. To earn it simpler to lug, they additionally have the capacity of withdrawing to a shut placement.

    A basic Stun Gun Baton consists of 2 steel probes on the baton idea. It releases electric present in between the 2 prongs. An aggressor will certainly be handicapped when touched by this end of the Baton. It will certainly likewise, as a result of the electrical shock, make your assailant briefly not able to relocate and also surprised. An assailant could not take the baton far from you due to the fact that the area that shocks expands simply inches from the suggestion on both sides of the Stun Baton.
    Where is the most effective area to bring your Stun Gun Baton?

    The top location of the hip
    Listed below your chest
    The top of the shoulders

    When you prepare to acquire a stun baton for self-defense, have a look at the Stun Master Stun Gun baton. They have actually been the leader in the Stun Gun sector considering that 1994. They are one of the most affordable as well as reputable self-defense tools around. Actually, even more individuals have a Stun Master compared to other Stun Gun item. That represents itself!
    The very first point you have to do is to inspect your city to see if they are lawful to lug. They are legislated in the majority of states, nonetheless there are a couple of that do not enable them. As soon as you have that details, you are prepared to look for as well as purchase your Stun Gun Baton.

    These excel locations since they are where your command post lie. That being stated, a Stun Baton will certainly work on all components of the body.

    Do not be a Victim!

  • My Taser, My Body Guard

    Meet My Bodyguard - Mr. Taser

    On the other hand with stun weapons, when making use of a Taser you do not should be close sufficient to an assailant to touch him-- Tasers work from as for fifteen feet (police quality Tasers work from approximately thirty-five feet away). Also much better, Tasers are secure-- they do not create fatality or irreversible injury other than when it comes to fanatic crashes (somebody brokens and also strikes his directly concrete, for instance). This attribute is essential in situation you wrongly Taser somebody accidentally.

    Then came a variety of non-lethal tools consisting of stun weapons, pepper spray, as well as Tasers. Amongst the foregoing, Tasers are extensively believed to be one of the most reliable. The general performance of a stun weapon has actually been determined at 86% (and also pepper spray's efficiency is much more depressing), however the Taser's efficiency has actually been gauged at a continuous 100% as long as your assaulter isn't really an android. Think it or otherwise, Tasers are offered to the general public, although one of the most sophisticated variations are offered just to cops as well as various other police workers.

    Not so long back, those worried concerning criminal activity or being afraid for their safety and security had actually restricted alternatives. Lots of such individuals preferred to buy a pistol, regrettably causing periodic unexpected fatalities when kids acquired it or somebody was erroneously determined as a trespasser (leading to yet one more job-related obligation for pizza distribution chauffeurs!).

    Altogether, Tasers are substantially more secure and also much more precise compared to pistols and also are much easier to utilize. They're likewise more affordable. If you reside in a huge metropolitan area, have adversaries, or have a ridiculous individuality, you need to absolutely offer some factor to consider to buying a Taser.

    Just how does a Taser job? It makes use of pressed nitrogen to discharge 2 fishhook probes right into the assaulter's body. An electric pulse fires with the Taser probe cables as well as right into the assailant's body. This creates prompt loss of neuromuscular control for the whole period of the impulse. Also if your objective is dreadful, you just should strike your assaulter anywhere on his body or clothes, as well as you'll wind up Taser-ing the bad aggressor right into a shuddering stack of flesh. Training is needed to utilize it effectively, however it is marginal as well as any kind of fairly smart individual could understand it.

  • The Hidden Runt Stun Gun

    When I went to the seminar in 2015, I learned a lot about the self-defense products I sell. I also learned about the situations that people let get out of control and wind up being hurt. For instance, Michael Gravette talked about how women let people approach them when they were alon- either asking for money as a charity or just begging. Predators use this tactic to lure them in ,and then basically do what they want to them. This had really never occurred to me, even though I have a daughter whom I try to educate to stay safe.  Michael then went on to say “ stun the hell out of them and donate later.” The women were really receptive to this message, and I am happy to say, so was I. Keeping yourself from harm is the number one priority, all other considerations come second.

    I talk a great deal about these situations because the violence to us, our family, and especially the children we love is increasing. I try to educate my daughter in all the aspects of staying safe that I am knowledgeable about. Unfortunately, the criminals are thinking of new ways to trick and take advantage of them. I am glad I have Michael and his to crew to help give me the edge in education and access to their awesome products.

    So, after so all that, I want to talk about the awesome Runt Stun Gun. The great thing about this device is that it is very easily concealable in your hand, pocket, or on your waist disguised as a pager. This awesome product will drop the attacker like a bug, giving you time to go for help. The element of surprise, and twenty million volts of dropping power will quickly turn the table on someone trying to hurt your loved ones. It also has a disabling pin so it can't be used against your.

    Come and check this and my other awesome safety products at www.safetyfirsttechnologies.com. For the meager price these products are, they offer great security and protection.

  • The Amazing Bashlite Stun Gun

    There was a time, when I lived in the country, that I took going out at night and feeling safe for granted.I then joined the military and learned a little bit more on how the real world worked. There was times when I was confronted by people who wanted to do me harm for no reason. I am only five foot seven, and there was many of times that I was probably outmatched. I took self-defense courses, but I knew that that was only part of the equation to feel safe and secure. I kept looking for something to give me that edge, and I finally found safety products.

    The Bashlite fifteen million volt stun gun really caught my eye of the safety products available. It carries a vast amount of take down power, and can also be used as a club if necessary. The price is very agreeable compared to a lot of other products. Even if someone grabs you while you are stunning them, you will not be affected. You don't have to have a permit to carry one, and they are legal in all but a few states. It is always a good idea to practice with the stun gun. You can deploy it faster and be more accurate. There are certain places on the body that are more vulnerable than others.

    Now that you have been given information on this product, you can get one for your safety. Just ask yourself, do I really want to be caught without that extra edge of protection to keep me safe? You know inside that you you could protect yourself and your family better. Also, you don't have the mess of shooting someone with a firearm.

    A few final thoughts. Don't be a hero! Stun the person and go for help. When you do go out, try to stay in lighted areas to make yourself less of a target. Come visit us and check out all of the neat products we have for your safety.



  • Tasers vs Stun Guns

    Today on my blog I want to discuss the differences an similarities between a Taser and Stun Gun. Many people think they are the same device, but they are not. Learning the differences can give you a better idea for what is suited best for you.

    What is a stun gun? A stun gun is a device that uses high electrical signals to disrupt the nervous system. They have a high take down ratio, although not as high as a Taser. The good thing about a stun gun is it comes in many forms that people do not expect. It can look like a cellphone, lipstick, or other everyday device that someone won't expect. You have the advantage of complete surprise in your favor.

    The cost of a stun gun is another great advantage. You can get one for as low as twenty dollars. You do have to get in close to use a stun gun, but when you stun the person, they will fall. Even if they are touching you, the electrical shock won't come back and effect you.

    The Taser has almost a 100% take down ratio. They can be used for both close and far range take down.

    A Taser , unlike the stun gun, effects both the muscular and nervous systems. It also has a higher wattage. The higher wattage makes all the difference on take down capacity. For instance, someone on drugs or hyped up can sometimes plow through the effects of a stun gun. They can't, however, resist the power of a Taser- they will go down drugs or crazy, The only con (if it can be considered this) is the price of a Taser. You may pay anywhere from four to six hundred dollars.

    Which one is better? Well, for total take down power , the Taser wins. Also, remember, the Taser can be used both short and long range. However, don't count th stun gun out. For price and high take down capacity, you can't beat it. Don't be without one or the other, come check them out on my website.

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