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  • SafeFamilyLife Advanced Home Security Kit

    Safety products are fast becoming a necessity for our homes, cars, dorms or any where we happen to travel. Criminals, in record number, are taking the easy way an stealing what we work hard for every day. Sometimes they break into our houses, undetected, and steal what we have, We are away working or having fun, not knowing what awaits us when we get home. We have to take measures to minimize or eliminate these kind of break-ins while we are gone. The safety products I sell and am very proud of will give you the edge to dissuade these criminals from violating your property.

    The product I want to tell your about today is our SafeFamilyLife Advanced Home Security Kit. This system really covers your home and other places like no other your will find. It has an auto dialer that will call any five numbers you program in when an intruder is detected. It has a glass breakage alarm, several motion detector alarms, and a variety of other products that cover your house from wall to wall. You really can't afford not to have this awesome collection of products put into one kit to ultimately protect your house.

    There are even more important reasons to own this kit. The assortment of alarms will send most criminals packing so they don't get close to your family if they are home. The coverage and security will surely get you lower insurance coverage with some companies. They love homes with less risk and lower liability. The risk of someone being able to get close to you and your loved ones, without being detected becomes an impossibility.

    You really need to act now and check out this product( and other safety products on my website). You will really be impressed with the thorough investment to your well being. Keep safe and visit us today.




  • Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit

    When your children leave home ,you are often worried about where they are going and if they are going to be safe. Some move in with friends, others rent apartments by themselves. If they are not trained and educated on the possible dangers, they could be the next victim of rape, assault, or even worse. As a parent, you want to give them every possible advantage to be the one prepared. How do you do this? Well, I have a few pointers, then I want to introduce a great product to add extra protection for your child.

    First, before I begin on the tips, I want to give you some statistics about apartment breaks. First, they have the same chance as a home break in. Every twelve seconds a home or apartment is broken into in the United States. That comes out to over 2 million per year. Something to really think about.

    First tip is to ask for a lock change when you move into a different house. If you are living in a new apartment for a long time, its okay to ask for a lock change. Make sure you upgrade to a thicker plate and deadbolt if the current one doesn't measure up. Third, try rent an apartment with a wide peep hole so you can see exactly who is at your door! These are a few tips, and you can always find even more if you do research.

    The Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit is specifically tailored to people living in apartments. There is a door alarm that will screech if someone attempts to force it open. You also have a window alarm, a glass breakage alarm, a diversion safe and pepper spray. We have you fully covered. Don't waste time- come check out this kit and others tailored to different living situations. We really want to keep your children and you safe.


  • Ultimate Office Safety and Security Kit

    Todays environment produces a lot of challenges to stay safe and be prepared. Most people are especially taken off guard when something unexpected or dangerous happens at work. What do you do if an employee is making threats and acting in a menacing way? If you hear gunshots do you have an emergency plan of escape? What if you live in a sexually threating atmosphere at work? What can you do to protect yourself. These are questions you need to ask yourself.

    The fact is most people are not trained for these situations. They have no plan, and so they become anxious, nervous, and react instead of act. They become a victim instead of taking control of the situation and surviving. A simple amount of training and possessing the right tools becomes the difference between life and death. Well, I have a solution that will help you act with confidence.

    The Ultimate Office Safety and Security Kit provides you with the tools and knowledge on developing a safer working environment. You will learn how to develop emergency plans and implement them. You will learn a variety of steps to develop a safer work area. You will be provided information on how to handle discrimination and how to handle harassment. Also included, are a variety of ways to prevent theft of your possessions at work. Most people have no idea on what their rights are or how to protect those rights. Remember, knowledge is power, and our kit provides you with more than enough knowledge to empower you.

    In conclusion, the decision is up to you. You can also create a better working environment for your co-workers as well. They will see that you are a leader and join in on your efforts to make your work better for everyone. Come check out the kit on my webpage and let the learning begin.

  • Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit

    Millions of people travel each year without any preparation of what would happen if an unknown tragedy occurs. When you are traveling, you probably often wonder what would happen if you broke down.. Would you be attacked and all your valuables taken or worse? You can't prepare for every eventuality, but you can take steps to ensure you are ready as possible.

    Most people probably don't plan a lot of details like they should. They see a destination in mind, hop in the car and take off without a proper plan. Where I am going and what is the best and safest route. Do I know what will happen if I break down miles away from gas, food, water, and a mechanic to fix my care. These are questions you should always look at, but we can help you maintain in the meantime.

    We have  The Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit. The kit gives you and your family piece of mind in several different areas. When you are traveling for a long time, and can't stop for a while, there is the nap alarm. There is also a four in one tool to do repairs if something should happen with the functioning of your vehicle. There is also two different forms of pepper spray that will allow you to defend yourself in case of an assault. Also, my favorite is the diversion safe to keep your valuable in case of a robbery. These items are a must have for people traveling and want to keep themselves and valuables safe.

    A last thought is that if you don't prepare while you are traveling, you and your family's safety could be jeopardized. The tools I have laid out are readily available, but its up to you  take action on them. Its always worth that little extra time to prepare. Stay safe and happy as always.

  • Extreme College Survival Kit

    Those of us with children, especially daughters,  worry when we send them out into the world, when we force them from the nest permanently.  With the Extreme College Survival Kit some of these worries might lessen.  We protect our children to the point that they are not truly aware of the dangers out there and therefore do not know how to protect themselves.
    This kit offers several reports; such as, "College And Campus Safety Tips", "Roommates", "How to Secure Your Dorm or Apartment", and more.  With these reports our kids will know what to look for and therefore anticipate possible problems and how to effectively deal with them.
    The Extreme College Survival Kit, also, contains a variety of products.  Our kids will have the tools they need and not have to worry about where they can locate, buy, or pay for these items, since everything will be gathered together for them.  Everything is non-lethal, safe, has warranties, and an instructional DVD is included.
    There are many great items in this survival kit.  The Diversion Book Safe will blend in with many of our young students text and reference books and they will have a safe place to hide their valuables.  The Door Stop Alarm can easily be activated and installed in front of the door of a dorm or apartment alerting our kids of unwelcomed intruders.  The Nap Alarm, which is hooked on the ear and alerts a driver if they should nod off while behind the wheel, could be beneficial for those driving home from the late night library study sessions.  And a variety of Pepper Sprays that can be place in various places; such as, car, key chain, and home.  That way there is never one far away when needed.  And many more.
    Your safety is important to us

  • Ultimate Safety Kit for Women

    Women are now the greatest number of the population who travel in united states and abroad. About twenty eight million travel by themselves. There are a lot of safe place to go but there are also dangerous places. Many women are assaulted while staying in a hotel or just walking down the street. There are many things that can happen if you are not educated and prepared when you go out and away from home. A women in Lexington KY had just been dropped off by her friends when two guys kidnaped, raped her over several days , and stole her sense of safety and security.

    What can we do against such evil predators. One thing is for a women not to walk alone (especially at night) and have something to contact a person for help if they are in danger. When you are at a hotel always make sure the door is locked. If someone you don't know comes to the door, call the front office to make sure they are supposed to be there. If you still don't feel comfortable letting them in, just don't do it. Nothing should compel you to do something you don't feel alright with. A friend of mine at a safety seminar said if a guy in a Santa suit approaches you, pepper spray him and donate latter. That really gave me a laugh, but you know what, that's absolutely the truth.

    There are several things you can have with you to further protect yourself. We have put together a ultimate women's safety kit to help turn the odds in her favor. Pepper spray, electronic whistle, and several other things to give her that extra piece of mind. Face it, the ladies in our life are awesome and irreplaceable. You ladies have fun traveling and as always keep safe.

  • Family Survival Kit

    Do you feel safe in your own home? There are some disturbing facts that you need to be aware of: 1. A robbery occurs every sixty seconds. 2. A violent crime occurs every 20 seconds. 3. An aggravated assault occurs every thirty five seconds. 4. A sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the United states. These are just a few of the crimes against families and innocent people that are occurring every minute of every day in the US. So you ask yourself what do I do?

    We have put together a comprehensive kit designed specifically to keep you and your loved ones safe. Everything from door alarms to pepper spray and a manual on how to properly use it. In these days and times it is a must have and a small investment to keep what's most precarious to you safe.

    Many of you may be caught off guard when something happens because you always believed it would happen to someone else but not you. An elderly lady in Lexington Kentucky thought the same thing until some drug users forced her door open and threw her around until she gave up her valuable. She was lucky to escape with her life. I wouldn't want you to take that chance so check out or safefamilylifesurvivalkit. Until then STAY SAFE.

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