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personal protectgion

  • Portable Water Filter Straw

    Often, in today's world, we think about protecting ourselves and our loved ones from both two and four legged attackers.  But we, also,  need to look beyond that which would aggressively attack us, to those things in our environment that may harm us, but that we may overlook as common place.  What I am referring to is our drinking/tap water.
    The Portable Water Filter Straw is mainly used for camping and for good reason. It is very easily portable since it weights less that an ounce and is only six inches long and less than two inches wide.  This possible life saving device can easily fit in a jacket pocket or the side pocket of a backpack.
    The water filter straw can turn almost any outdoor source of water into drinkable water within seconds, due to its .2 micron hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane, unfortunately it can not filter salt water or sea water.
    I would definitely take it on outdoor excursions; such as camping, hiking, climbing and fishing, but I think I would also take it while traveling.  At home, I can attach a high quality filter to my faucet, if I don't want to buy and dispose of hundreds and eventually thousands of water bottles.  But when I am traveling, when I might be in a hotel room, or a friend's or family's home and might not trust their water, I can discreetly pull this out of a pocket or bag and safely drink the tap water.
    Water is essential for human life, but it needs to be clean.  Water that is dirty from chemicals leeched from bad pipes or microscopic organisms can make people sick and can quite possible kill them.  We know outdoor water should be filtered before drinking, even if it looks clear and beautiful, but many area water systems are in desperate need of repair.  This water does not always warn us by being brown.  And periodically we are thirsty away from home without a bottle of water.  But having a portable water filter straw can go a long way to keeping us safe.

  • Pen Knife

    In many self defense situations you don't know where or when an attack may come, sure you will have your pepper spray or taser on you  but what if your at the office or home where this may not be the case?  Ballpoint knife pens are a great solution because while they are a pen they are also a 2 inch concealed blade that can come in handy in unexpected situation.  An example of when it could come in handy is if you are sitting at your desk looking though emails or doing office work and an intruder comes in he will see your hidden knife as an innocent pen allowing you to potentially take him unaware.  An attacker who sees you coming  to hit him with a pen may think that you are simply trying a last ditch effort at defending  yourself then you unsheathe it, you will be able to catch him unaware.
    Also note that if you are on a tight budget that a pen knife is relatively inexpensive compared to a taser and they can fit in almost any space because they are the size of your average pen.  They are also useful for things such as opening letters or packages without having to scurry around looking for a knife.  You will love bringing them on camping trips because you may want to write about the things that you are seeing but then need to cut a rope or although not ideal cut back the wilderness because junior dropped the camping knife in the river.
    Please note that a pen knife offers something few other knives can offer and that is something to defend your self with that you may already have at hand an attacker could see you reaching for your purse or desk and react violently while your pen is already at hand.  All you have to do with a pen knife is pull the top off and you can strike faster then if you had to reach into your pocket or fumble though your purse.

  • Women and date rape drugs

    Date rape drugs are used to make a woman helpless where she can't say no or don't even know she is being raped. They come under different names such as liquid ecstasy, ruffies cherry meth, and many more. They could be put in your drink and you would never detect it.

    These drugs have no smell, taste, or color so you would never know you been drugged. These drugs do their terrible job by making a woman too helpless or out of it to fight back.

    So how do you ladies protect yourself? The predators job is to get you alone and isolated so always go with a trusted friend to watch your back. Do not drink from open bottles or leave your drink unattended on the table. Don't leave a bar or club with someone you are on a first date with or don't know that well. Let family and friends know where you are going and have scheduled contact times. If you suspect you have been drugged call the police or let someone know.

    I also want to proudly present a product called drink guard I have one my website called drink guard. You will receive 10 cards with 2 test on each card. If you suspect your drink has been tampered with you can apply one drop on the card and it will let you know. Check it out on the link I am providing with drink guard and ladies above all please stay safe.

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