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  • Diversion Safe

    My house has your standard doorknob lock and a bolt lock.  The windows also have those little turning locks.  I, also, have a dog.  While my house would keep the average thief at bay, it would not stop a determined assault.  Several good shoves or kicks might break the door locks.  And I have seen in a movie (I know you can't trust everything you see in the movies.) a person slip a card between the two window frames and slide the lock open, though my window locks do not turn easy.  A thief could break the window on the side of the house not readily seen by my neighbors.  My dog will bark her head off but she only weighs twenty pounds and would probably be easily dealt with and I would hate for her to be hurt.
    Crime statistics say that most thieves spend an average of 8 minutes in the home.  They want to be in and out as quickly as possible just in case people wake up or return home.  I believe hiding the items you value out in the open might put the odds in your favor.
    That's why I like Diversion Safes.  These safes can look like any thing and be any where.  You can have a shampoo safe in your bathroom or a food container safe in your kitchen, or a clock on the wall.  My favorite is the Book Diversion Safe, I have books in every room in my house (including the bathroom) on book shelves, tables and stuck in cubby holes.  I even have books holding up the corner of my bed where the leg has broken and I haven't gotten around to replacing it.  Keeping my valuable in a book shaped diversion safe, would force thieves to try to find a needle in a haystack.
    Stay Safe,

  • The mighty Taser x2

    Crime is on the rise, especially with home invasions and burglaries. A house is broken into every 12 seconds, with a total of about 6,600 per day. Burglaries occur between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Home invasions occur between 6 p.m. and 6.a.m. Home invasions are the more brutal sometimes including assault ,rape, and murder. These two are just a small amount of the different crimes that people need to defend themselves against. So, what form of defense do you want to use that's best for you?

    Some people prefer guns, but they are often taken away and used against the individual. Also, some people are just not comfortable owning a gun for a variety of reasons. Some have accidently shot a child or other loved one returning from a early trip or surprise visit. Having something that can take down someone, but not killing them in case of a mistake is preferable.

    Tasers are recognized ,by the police, as good alternative as home defense to a firearm. They are considered non-lethal, and thus are legal to carry in most states without being registered. They have more stopping power than some firearms and can take down some of the most aggressive people. They cause the persons muscles to contract and they collapse. It doesn't matter if they are on drugs or resistant to pain they will fall.

    My favorite is the Taser x2 out of all of the selections. Its dual laser system provides dead shot accuracy. It also, unlike most Tasers, fires two shots instead of one. It also will let you know through self-diagnostic if its functioning properly.  This Taser is designed to be durable and fire about five hundred times. Just think how long this will last. Most people probably would not fore more than a few times during its entire life. Come visit and stay safe as always.

  • Miracle of Bicycle Micro Lights

    How many of you remember peddling as fast as you can on a bicycle in your youth. Not a care in the world, just the wind blowing in your hair and the joy of riding. Sure, every now and then you would fall or wreck, not thinking about your safety. Things have changed since then.

    The number of bicycle injuries and deaths have sky rocked since 1975. The number of deaths on bicycles in 2013 was 900 and over 494,000 injuries- some really severe. These occurred more with males and generally with people twenty years old and up.

    What are the major causes of bicycle deaths you might ask? Well, a lot of people fail to wear their protective helmets. Some can't be clearly seen in fog, at night, or in just bad weather that prevents them or a driver of a car from seeing each other. The latter ones could have been prevented in many cases with the proper illumination. This is what I want to talk to you about.

    Micro bicycle lights provide illumination up to a mile. They have about 100,000 hours of use and can be attached to the seat, handlebars, and a variety of other places on the bicycle. Remember, that one fatal moment could be avoided if you take simple steps like making yourself visible as possible. I hope you take these words seriously and as always stay safe.

  • The electronic dog repeller

    I want to talk about a device that can really have a profound effect on your safety. The electronic dog repeller. I work in parks and I see people all the time with their dogs off the leash. A woman carrying a bat ask me why a certain guy had his two big dogs off the leash even though it was posted otherwise. She told me the dog had growled and jumped at her several times and she would use the bat if she had too. I also, was once walking my keeshond dog and a stray Doberman pincher approached us growling. I admit I was almost too scared to move, but I backed away slowly, praying the dog wouldn't attack.

    The electronic dog repeller gives me an alternative when I am in these sticky situations. It sends off a frequency of 20,000hz to 25,000hz and can repel the dog up to 40 feet. It also has a bright light attached to confuse and blind the dog if it gets too close before you see it. It is a good non-lethal approach to keeping yourself and your family safe if you are suddenly put in a situation where you have to ward off a canine.

    There are other good reasons to own one of these repellers. The cost of the device is minimal compared to emergency room expenses. The cost of a bite can run into the thousands of dollars. Why pay so much when it is so easy to prevent.  You can prevent a lifetime scarring of your child because the group of 5-9 year olds are the ones most viciously and frequently attacked. The device is basically a good humane deterrent for the animal. Don't be caught off guard, preparation is everything. Come visit me on my webpage and always stay safe.

  • Nap Alarm

    I love road trips, though I admit I hate to drive.  I have taken road trips with my best friend and my sister.  My best friend will start her road trip early in the morning and after a few hours we will stop for breakfast.  We will make several stops so she can walk around and stretch our legs or eat.  My sister has been known to start her road trips at midnight (taking advantage of nearly empty roads) drive all night and then take a nap when she gets to her destination.  She, also, naps before she starts the trip.  Both of them are incredibly safe drivers.
    But sometimes it is not a matter of being a safe driver.  People can be far from home because a trip takes longer than originally planned due to unexpected stops, side trips, or minor car problems.  That is when the Nap Alarm can be a nifty little device.  A person is driving down the road has gotten a little drowsy and their head nods forward; the nap alarm goes off waking the driver and telling the passengers if any what has happened, allowing a possible driver switch for everyone's safety.  This alarm is worn over the ear and has a positioning sensor which is triggered when the head drops forward.
    This device can be great for a variety of people.  Truck drivers who have to get back on the road but didn't sleep well.  People who work 3rd shift but are not use to it.  Students pulling all nighters.  So whether this is needed for safety or just to stay awake and help a person concentrate, the nap alarm could make a great gift.
    Later and stay safe and have fun.

  • Pool Protector

    Well, it is June and the weather is definitely getting warmer,  also the kids need something to do to keep them active and not just stagnating in front of whatever screen is available.  I find that I have no trouble getting the kids to go outside once the pool is set up and they can go swimming.  But every summer there is a new story about a kid drowning in the back yard pool, the pool is just too inviting, an overwhelming temptation. We have been lucky so far, but I don't want to push it.  I think before I set up the swimming pool this year I am going to get a Pool Protector.  This particular pool protector can only be installed on an in ground pool.
    This life saving device is portable, light weight, and self-contained. When the pool is not being used, the pool protector is turned on, if a child or pet fall in, an alarm will automatically sound, sending out a loud pulsating alarm inside your home from a remote receiver.  The receiver comes with an attention grabbing (like the sound wont be enough) light that flashes.  The Protector is set off when ripples hit the sensor, so it does not matter if the child tries to sneak into the pool without supervision or falls in accidentally.  And one need not worry about it being to far away from the pool because it will function as far away as 300 ft.  While the mail unit comes with a 12 volt power supply, the alarm requires 6 D batteries.  One need not worry about the batteries dieing with no one aware because the main unit and the remote will give off a low battery alarm.
    I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.

  • The importance of survival gear

    Survival gear, what does that mean to you? Peoples idea sometimes vary on the basics, but a few things like, food, clothing, compass, something to start a fire are agreed upon necessities. There are a lot of products out there but which ones do you choose? Sometimes you should look for the quality products not necessarily the ones with the highest price tags.

    There are different situations such as power outages, earthquakes, fire, and maybe just being trapped somewhere you can't get to the basics for survival. Being prepared rather than being caught off guard will relieve a lot of anxiety and stress. It will help keep your family or loved ones with the means to stay healthy and alive until help can be found.

    Sometimes not buying the first and most expensive thing you see can test your willpower. Buying the right thing tailored to your family and their needs is far better than purchasing gear randomly. If you are going camping make sure you check the expiration dates on the food and have warm clothing if the situation calls for it. Make sure your compass is working correctly and you have a proper cutting tool.

    In the end, proper preparation is better than being caught without the means to keep yourself safe and alive. Do the proper research an stay healthy and alive.

  • Awesome Mini GPS Tracker

    I was doing some research on the different agencies that are dedicated to finding a missing loved child or loved one. There were many different strategies from putting up posters, amber alert, or, having engraved ID tags. None of these seemed quite right until my eye caught the picture of a Mini GPS Tracker. This technological wonder combined a lot of the features I would want if my child went missing.

    First of all, was things really that bad or was it just common sense to have something to fall back on in case of an emergency. I checked the website for the national center for missing and exploited children. I couldn't believe my eyes- a staggering 2000 children go missing each day. I thought to myself Tim you spend hundreds of dollars on meager things that can be replaced but nothing to help ensure my child's safety. Well, no more, I have taken a radically different view on how technology can keep my family safe.

    The Mini GPS Tracker has a built in GPS that all you have to do is call or text the device and it will send you a text link on where the device is and how fast it is traveling. It even has a call in feature to let you hear what's going on within eight feet of the device.

    There are many other uses for the device. Put it on equipment such as a car for anti-theft. You can also put it on an older family member in case they wonder off and don't know how to get back. Yes, this to me is the best choice out of all the other alternative for safety and just a good idea. Try to get to know all the functions before you put it into practical use. Have a safe day.

  • The Master of Stun Guns

    Many of you may have heard of stun guns but have what do you know of the stun master stun baton. Well, its been used in the past by police and security guards but has been gaining great popularity with the regular person.

    With the rise of violent crime such as rapes, murders, home invasions, and people being outright assaulted, the average person needs some form of protections. Many don't or want own a gun because they don't want to kill someone. The baton steps up more than about any other product when it comes to non-lethal self-defense.

    The stun Master has a variety of advantages. 1. A rubberized coating for a firm grip and metal strips to give a hell of electric shock to anyone who tries to grab it. 2. A wrist strap with a disabling pin in case anyone does get it so they can't use it against you. 3. A bright flashlight to blind someone and confuse them. 4. Most importantly, it will deliver 12 million volts of agony on anyone foolish enough to mess with you.

    Always remember to check in the state you live in and make sure that it is legal to own a stun gun of any kind. Try to practice with it so you will be familiar with how it works. Lastly, when you do have to use it, run to get help. Don't try to stay and detain the person -its not worth the risk. Visit my webpage at stun master stun baton and have a safe day.

  • Family Survival Kit

    Do you feel safe in your own home? There are some disturbing facts that you need to be aware of: 1. A robbery occurs every sixty seconds. 2. A violent crime occurs every 20 seconds. 3. An aggravated assault occurs every thirty five seconds. 4. A sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the United states. These are just a few of the crimes against families and innocent people that are occurring every minute of every day in the US. So you ask yourself what do I do?

    We have put together a comprehensive kit designed specifically to keep you and your loved ones safe. Everything from door alarms to pepper spray and a manual on how to properly use it. In these days and times it is a must have and a small investment to keep what's most precarious to you safe.

    Many of you may be caught off guard when something happens because you always believed it would happen to someone else but not you. An elderly lady in Lexington Kentucky thought the same thing until some drug users forced her door open and threw her around until she gave up her valuable. She was lucky to escape with her life. I wouldn't want you to take that chance so check out or safefamilylifesurvivalkit. Until then STAY SAFE.

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