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instructional fighting dvd's

  • Instuctional Fighting DVD'S

    Jim West might not be a name you recognize with.

    He gained 6 medals in Iraq throughout Operation Desert Storm. He invested 15 years in the "black bag" arm of the Green Beret making him the desired "Whiskey 9" super secret clearance that just the very best of the very best soldiers ever before get. Most notably he educates Special Forces in captive rescue as well as Justice Department representatives in Hand-to-hand fight.

    He could reveal you ways to endure as well as win in the real life. Jim has in fact remained in over 600 bloody hand-to-hand road battles and also won every one, emphatically!

    In 'Fight to Win', Jim West's ideal self-defense training DVD, he reveals you the dirtiest worst as well as of course most reliable road battling transfer to aid you win-decisively!
    He additionally reveals you the method to hold your hand when striking for optimum efficiency. Jim educates you the excellent method to stabilize on your own so you can not be torn down.
    The video clip additionally reveals you the fundamentals of punching that are vital in a road battle as well as the best ways to determine the # 1 koi target on your opponent among the map of precise optimum efficient target locations.
    " Fight to Win" reveals you the signals of a road competitor that prepares to strike. Jim likewise utilizes straightforward methods to defeat skilled karate boxers, fighters as well as wrestlers and also instructs those to you.
    This DVD is best for the novice, male or female, that wishes to increase their video game in the self-defense field. It'll offer you the abilities you have to dominate if when the moment ever before pertains to place the sleazebags and also deviants in their area.
    So if your abilities are a little or totally doing not have in the location of protecting on your own as well as your family members this is your favorite. Jim's DVD constructs self-confidence as well as provides you the abilities to ensure that you could utilize to "Fight to Win"

  • Shannon Stallard Instructional Fighting DVD

    Have you ever been confronted with a with a physically threatening situation when out by yourself or family? There are a lot of people these days looking for trouble or just to do other people harm. I have been caught in a few of these situations myself. I was lucky to escape without harm, but it could just as easily went the other way. One incident involved several men in a car cutting me off at night while I was walking. I new I couldn't handle them and didn't know what to do. They turned out to be blowhards, but I could have been hurt. What can a person do in these situations?

    Carrying a stun gun or pepper spray is definitely a plus. What would you do, though, if they got taken or you dropped them? I want to introduce you to Shannon Stallard Advanced Combat Tactics DVD. On this dvd you will learn life saving techniques by one of the best martial artists alive. He will teach you mental techniques on how not to freeze in life threating situations. He will also teach you how to deal with multiple attackers at once. He teaches great hand to hand tactics, as well as being proficient in weapons.

    This dvd training could be a life saving and changing experience in your life. There is a lot of people who don't care if they hurt you, your children, your wife, or any other loved one. You can take control and get the skill and training to protect your life and family. Don't be a victim, come and check it out on my website and learn to be confident in your abilities. You may not get a second chance, the predators out there sure won't give it to you. Hope you stay safe and come visit.

  • Little mans dirty fighting dvd

    Are you one of those people who were born small. You tried to get bigger doing a lot of various exercises. Its not your fault it how your genes made you. You always wished you were bigger so you could defend yourself or your family.

    Kids handle bullying different ways. Some try to fight but know they can't win. Others run away or retreat into themselves. Still others try to outsmart their tormentor but it only works some of the time. Well, have you heard of a guy named Bob Taylor? You will want to listen to this.

    Bob Taylor was born small like a lot of us. He developed a street style fighting that spanned over 40 years in the making. He has been a bodyguard to Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. He also took the job of a bounty hunter and narcotics agent in 11 jurisdictions. He has learned to take people down twice his size. To top it off he is a recognized Chi master.

    His dirty fighting instructional dvd teaches the little guy secrets on how to overpower and take down a bigger opponent in the first few seconds of the fight. It will teach you how not to get hurt and crush a bigger opponent's feet with a well-placed stomp. How to crush his collarbone without touching him.

    There are many more secrets in his instructional fighting  dvd but you need to check it out for yourself to believe it. If you are a small male female who needs that extra confidence to protect yourself this is definitely for you.  Gain that extra psychological advantage you need over a bigger opponent that will leaved him dazed and confused about how he got his but kicked. Come check out my webpage through the highlighted link and change your life

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