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Book Diversion Safe

  • Extreme College Survival Kit

    Those of us with children, especially daughters,  worry when we send them out into the world, when we force them from the nest permanently.  With the Extreme College Survival Kit some of these worries might lessen.  We protect our children to the point that they are not truly aware of the dangers out there and therefore do not know how to protect themselves.
    This kit offers several reports; such as, "College And Campus Safety Tips", "Roommates", "How to Secure Your Dorm or Apartment", and more.  With these reports our kids will know what to look for and therefore anticipate possible problems and how to effectively deal with them.
    The Extreme College Survival Kit, also, contains a variety of products.  Our kids will have the tools they need and not have to worry about where they can locate, buy, or pay for these items, since everything will be gathered together for them.  Everything is non-lethal, safe, has warranties, and an instructional DVD is included.
    There are many great items in this survival kit.  The Diversion Book Safe will blend in with many of our young students text and reference books and they will have a safe place to hide their valuables.  The Door Stop Alarm can easily be activated and installed in front of the door of a dorm or apartment alerting our kids of unwelcomed intruders.  The Nap Alarm, which is hooked on the ear and alerts a driver if they should nod off while behind the wheel, could be beneficial for those driving home from the late night library study sessions.  And a variety of Pepper Sprays that can be place in various places; such as, car, key chain, and home.  That way there is never one far away when needed.  And many more.
    Your safety is important to us

  • Diversion Safe

    My house has your standard doorknob lock and a bolt lock.  The windows also have those little turning locks.  I, also, have a dog.  While my house would keep the average thief at bay, it would not stop a determined assault.  Several good shoves or kicks might break the door locks.  And I have seen in a movie (I know you can't trust everything you see in the movies.) a person slip a card between the two window frames and slide the lock open, though my window locks do not turn easy.  A thief could break the window on the side of the house not readily seen by my neighbors.  My dog will bark her head off but she only weighs twenty pounds and would probably be easily dealt with and I would hate for her to be hurt.
    Crime statistics say that most thieves spend an average of 8 minutes in the home.  They want to be in and out as quickly as possible just in case people wake up or return home.  I believe hiding the items you value out in the open might put the odds in your favor.
    That's why I like Diversion Safes.  These safes can look like any thing and be any where.  You can have a shampoo safe in your bathroom or a food container safe in your kitchen, or a clock on the wall.  My favorite is the Book Diversion Safe, I have books in every room in my house (including the bathroom) on book shelves, tables and stuck in cubby holes.  I even have books holding up the corner of my bed where the leg has broken and I haven't gotten around to replacing it.  Keeping my valuable in a book shaped diversion safe, would force thieves to try to find a needle in a haystack.
    Stay Safe,

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