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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • The Amazing Bashlite Stun Gun

    There was a time, when I lived in the country, that I took going out at night and feeling safe for granted.I then joined the military and learned a little bit more on how the real world worked. There was times when I was confronted by people who wanted to do me harm for no reason. I am only five foot seven, and there was many of times that I was probably outmatched. I took self-defense courses, but I knew that that was only part of the equation to feel safe and secure. I kept looking for something to give me that edge, and I finally found safety products.

    The Bashlite fifteen million volt stun gun really caught my eye of the safety products available. It carries a vast amount of take down power, and can also be used as a club if necessary. The price is very agreeable compared to a lot of other products. Even if someone grabs you while you are stunning them, you will not be affected. You don't have to have a permit to carry one, and they are legal in all but a few states. It is always a good idea to practice with the stun gun. You can deploy it faster and be more accurate. There are certain places on the body that are more vulnerable than others.

    Now that you have been given information on this product, you can get one for your safety. Just ask yourself, do I really want to be caught without that extra edge of protection to keep me safe? You know inside that you you could protect yourself and your family better. Also, you don't have the mess of shooting someone with a firearm.

    A few final thoughts. Don't be a hero! Stun the person and go for help. When you do go out, try to stay in lighted areas to make yourself less of a target. Come visit us and check out all of the neat products we have for your safety.



  • Tasers vs Stun Guns

    Today on my blog I want to discuss the differences an similarities between a Taser and Stun Gun. Many people think they are the same device, but they are not. Learning the differences can give you a better idea for what is suited best for you.

    What is a stun gun? A stun gun is a device that uses high electrical signals to disrupt the nervous system. They have a high take down ratio, although not as high as a Taser. The good thing about a stun gun is it comes in many forms that people do not expect. It can look like a cellphone, lipstick, or other everyday device that someone won't expect. You have the advantage of complete surprise in your favor.

    The cost of a stun gun is another great advantage. You can get one for as low as twenty dollars. You do have to get in close to use a stun gun, but when you stun the person, they will fall. Even if they are touching you, the electrical shock won't come back and effect you.

    The Taser has almost a 100% take down ratio. They can be used for both close and far range take down.

    A Taser , unlike the stun gun, effects both the muscular and nervous systems. It also has a higher wattage. The higher wattage makes all the difference on take down capacity. For instance, someone on drugs or hyped up can sometimes plow through the effects of a stun gun. They can't, however, resist the power of a Taser- they will go down drugs or crazy, The only con (if it can be considered this) is the price of a Taser. You may pay anywhere from four to six hundred dollars.

    Which one is better? Well, for total take down power , the Taser wins. Also, remember, the Taser can be used both short and long range. However, don't count th stun gun out. For price and high take down capacity, you can't beat it. Don't be without one or the other, come check them out on my website.

  • Protect yourself with the Kubotan

    Some colleges don't allow you to carry pepper sprays or stun guns. This is not a good situation for women in particular. The crime rate is not going down anytime soon. The predators on campus often scope out a particular woman or group of women. They may even map out a route a particular woman takes each day. They want to catch the woman in a situation where they are alone and potentially easy prey.

    The kubotan is a great alternative when you don't have something else. Remember, the rule is that something is always better than nothing. That is not to downplay the effectiveness of kubotan. It has been used for many generations by both police and martial artists in the art of non-lethal self-defense. Many regular, everyday citizens have been trained on how to use them. They will give you that extra security and feeling of well being to defend yourself.

    Now that I have told you that what they can do for you, what exactly are they and how do they work? Well, they originated in Japan. They are made of solid steel. They are small enough to fit in your hand or on a keychain. They can be used to deliver devastating strikes to your attacker. The best places are they knees, face, wrists, or even the eyes if necessary to take down a perpetrator. The more you practice, the more effective and dangerous you will be to someone who would do you harm.

    What other reasons are there to get you one of these awesome little Kubotans? These little things give you the advantage of surprise. Most people will be taken completely off guard by this harmless looking item. They are legal to carry and are very effective. This is something you always want to have with you wherever you may go. Don't be caught defenseless. Act now and be the one to come out on top in a bad situation.

  • Keeping our ladies safe

    I want to cover a topic that has been touched upon in my other blogs. Women being abused, beaten, raped, and killed by either people they know or strangers. The video that goes with this blog is a lot more graphic and violent than my usual ones. This is a warning to people who may be more sensitive to videos like this. I felt that I had to show this video to impress the realities that are going on in our society. When you watch this just remember, these things do actually occur and need to be dealt with.

    Crime is nothing new to our society. Ever since man figured out he could build an army and impose his will on his neighbor, he has done so. Certain individual in our society, today ,don't hold the values of treating other people with the respect they deserve. Some go even further and commit violent acts to take what someone has earned. Others go even farther to commit sexual crimes against others, especially women. I sell products to help give these women an edges to fight back. They can then turn the tables against their abusers. This empowers them to feel safer and teach their sons and daughters to protect themselves.

    I have mentioned some of the main products such as stun guns, mace, pepper sprays, and hidden cameras. They are created to prevent the crime from happening in the first place. I have others such as steel batons, home and window alarms, and many others to protect those people you care about. These are not just products, they allow a way of life with more security and safety.

    With a closing statement just remember, these crimes against women especially, are not acceptable and can be prevented. The ladies in all of our lives deserve to be safe from violence. Hope to hear from you and stay safe.

  • The importance of Bear Mace Pepper Spray

    There have been a lot of stories about bear attacks. Some people believe they are exaggerated to make news and controversy. The video I have put on my site shows how real the attacks are, and how helpless the victims felt against the bear attack. The raw power of a bear is much greater than a human, and will overwhelm a person instantly. Going camping or hiking unprepared leaves a person and his family helpless against a bear attack. It is too late to wish you had come prepared when the bear is upon you.

    There are a number of people who are nature enthusiasts. They love being out in the wild ,and being around the creatures that come with it. There is, however a realism that comes with the dangers associated with this lifestyle. Human is no longer at the top of the food chain. Bears, especially, can be very unpredictable by nature. They may feel threatened by reason that are not known to a person. Will you be ready when this happens? What are you willing to do to make sure you stay alive. I have a non-lethal alternative to people who don't like to kill animals.

    My bear mace pepper spray will spray up to thirty feet and repel the attack. It saved the life of famous nature enthusiasts Jack Hanna. He loves all things nature and didn't want to kill or severely wound the animal. Besides, you got to remember ;that guns often don't do the job. You have a wounded, very angry creature that wants to rip you to shreds. The bear pepper spray gives you the best chance of both you and the animal coming out alive. This is really what you want. Remember, you probably came into his territory. He probably thought hes was just defending his home.

    A final thought. Your families safety is the number one consideration when you are going out into wilderness territories that are hostile. Taking a little extra effort to keep them safe pays off big. Come check out my bear spray and stay safe.


  • Demonstration of our Personal Protection Products

    I have talked before about the products on my website www.safetyfirsttechnologies.com. My name is Timothy Smith and I live in Lexington, KY. My main goal is to become the distirbutor in Lexington for non- lethal defense products. I have talked ,before, about the many different kind of different items such as pepper spray, stun guns mace, security cameras, steel batons, and many more items that help guard you day to day safety. Today, I want to show you a demo video of some of these many different products and how they work.This will give you an inside view of the awesome ability and the high quality of which they are made.

    The compilation of these products was well thought out and put together by a group of knowledgeable people. This video is somewhat longer than most to demonstrate all the different products available, but it is very informative and well worth watching. Showing a hands on approach will also demonstrate the
    effectiveness and power of these products to protect you. It is also fun to watch the reactions of these products when they are demonsrated.

    Also, try to remember to take notes on the products you are most interested in. Some may seem the same, but they can have slight differences that will be the deciding factor if the product is for you. One of the best things is that there is a variety of different pepper sprays, stun guns, and other products to give you more than enough choices.
    I want to wrap this up with telling you that I was at the demonstration and enjoyed it very much. The people were very friendly and professional. They took time to show us how the products worked and answered our questions. What I really liked, was their philosophy. Their philosophy was that this was a way of life to be proactive in you safety, not a victim to any criminal who would hurt you. I hoped you have gotten something form my insight. I hope you get even more from the video!

  • What are Tasers and how do they work?

    What do we know about the effects a Taser has on a person, and where did the Taser originate. Taser International started producing Tasers in 1993 for people who wanted protection but not permanently injure or kill someone. They have been improving since then to make the Tasers more effective.

    What makes Tasers so special and how do they work? Unlike stun guns, you don't have to get close to touch the person. They fire a distance as great a fifteen feet with great accuracy. They fire two probes that attach to a persons clothes ,and deliver a timed jolt that will leave the person either unconscious or in a helpless state. They dispense little tags that are coded and can be used by law enforcement to identify who the Taser belongs to. This will prevent misuse by felons who can be tracked if they use them against innocent people.

    Tasers are being use more and more by both police and citizens. Taser International boasts an almost one hundred percent taken capacity. Other studies show as much as a 90% taken down ratio. The main benefit is you can take down a person without permanently damaging their body. They have enough high voltage but low amperage to take down the person quickly ,but not do permeant damage to them.

    You may still ask, do I want to own one. Well, with the growing crime rate and their great record of success, it would seem like a pretty good idea for self-defense. When you do get one, it would be a good idea to practice so you will be knowledgeable in its use. Also, may sure you check with your state to make sure it is legal to own one. There are only a few states that don't allow them for civilians, but it would be wise to make sure.


  • Why Stun Guns Are So Important In Society




    Self-Defense products have become are integral part of our society. Police, regular citizens, and most anybody in security carry one. Police first use them on each other at the academy to let them know what it feels like to be stunned. This gives them some idea of what they can do to take down a perpetrator. The stun gun and pepper spray become, in most cases, their first line of defense before they have to use lethal force. The know these tools are a great addition to their arsenal in fighting crime.

    What about the regular citizen who gets a stun gun and don't know exactly how to use it effectively? Well, there are plenty of places to look for instructions on how to use them to their fullest potential. Getting to know exactly how they work and practicing with them is a vital part of efficiently protecting themselves. Signing up for a citizens police class is not a bad idea either. They have more practical experience on how to best use them in hostile situations.

    What else do you need to know about using stun guns? It is a good idea to find out what your particular stun gun is capable of doing. They are not all made exactly the same. Finding out how how close you have to be to an assailant to stun them is a good idea. Smaller or elderly people might want to choose something that gives them more space to take down an attacker. Another consideration is, can the stun gun be used against me if it is taken or does it have a disabling pin. Most are made with these but it is wise to check before you encounter a hostile situations. Finally, you need to find out how long they can be used before they need to be charge. Having a stun gun that is not working properly can leave you in a bad situation.

    Make sure you take all these tips into account when you purchase a stung gun or other self-defense product. A proper working unit will keep you safe and on top. Check out my great selection on my website you are visiting. Hope you and your family keep safe.

  • Worlds Fastest Opening Knife

    When I first moved into the neighborhood I lived in there was only the occasional pot seller. Lexington, K.Y was considered one of the safest cities in the united states to live in. Now, like other cities, herion and other hard drugs have taken root. Now, you need all the protection you can get. That can come in many forms such as stun guns, hidden cameras, pepper sprays, and other non-lethal self-defense products. That is what I mainly sell and recommend in most cases. There may come a time, however, that more drastic measures have to be taken.

    I also carry the worlds fastest opening knife. This is probably the only thing on my website that could be used to really injure someone if the need arose. Most reasonable people want to try to diffuse a situation before it comes to really hurting someone. Life doesn't always give use the choice to do this. If you have tried talking, pepper spray, stun gun, and you are still in danger, this knife could be the deciding factor if your attacker walks away. Just remember, it is one defense in an arsenal of defense products.

    Education and training with all of your defense products will give you the most chance of coming out on top of a volatile situation. Doing a regular practice with your knife and other products will make you quick to respond to an unfriendly situation. The better you are with them, the less chance someone can take them away ,and take control of the situation.

    A few more tips to keep you safe. Just know the area where you are going and try to go there at a reasonable time. Take defense products with you and friends if possible. Don't take unknown shortcuts or back alleys to save time. Your life is too important to take unnecessary chances. Until next time, stay safe and happy.

  • SafeFamilyLife Advanced Home Security Kit

    Safety products are fast becoming a necessity for our homes, cars, dorms or any where we happen to travel. Criminals, in record number, are taking the easy way an stealing what we work hard for every day. Sometimes they break into our houses, undetected, and steal what we have, We are away working or having fun, not knowing what awaits us when we get home. We have to take measures to minimize or eliminate these kind of break-ins while we are gone. The safety products I sell and am very proud of will give you the edge to dissuade these criminals from violating your property.

    The product I want to tell your about today is our SafeFamilyLife Advanced Home Security Kit. This system really covers your home and other places like no other your will find. It has an auto dialer that will call any five numbers you program in when an intruder is detected. It has a glass breakage alarm, several motion detector alarms, and a variety of other products that cover your house from wall to wall. You really can't afford not to have this awesome collection of products put into one kit to ultimately protect your house.

    There are even more important reasons to own this kit. The assortment of alarms will send most criminals packing so they don't get close to your family if they are home. The coverage and security will surely get you lower insurance coverage with some companies. They love homes with less risk and lower liability. The risk of someone being able to get close to you and your loved ones, without being detected becomes an impossibility.

    You really need to act now and check out this product( and other safety products on my website). You will really be impressed with the thorough investment to your well being. Keep safe and visit us today.




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