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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • The Deadly Forms of Mace

    Have you ever been walking in a dark garage at night and have that unsettling feeling that someone is following you? It happens to most of us and we have that feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. It could be nothing will happen, but with crime and assault at an all time high, why take the chance. There are tools that are available to help us and I believe we should use them.

    Mace defensive spray is a good start to empowering ourselves against attacks. The good thing these days is there are a variety of different kinds and forms to suit the person and situation you might find yourself in.

    I will cover some of the different forms they come in so you will have better knowledge of what's available to protect you. First, there is the purse hot pink model that is suited for women to defend themselves. It has a range of ten feet and five short burst with maximum power. The next is the gel form which is actually stronger and has a longer spraying distance of about eighteen feet.. It also sticks lick glue to the person , and has more firing burst( thirteen to be exact) to take out an assailant. The last one I will cover is the pepper spray gun. This is my favorite because it has an led light to blind the person and gives better aiming ability. There are a lot more but these are the main ones I really like- but choose yourself the one that fits your style.

    In conclusion I want to say that protecting yourself has never been more exciting. You can have a lot of different choices that meet your style and keep yourself from harm at the same time. Mace is an overall good choice to protect yourself from people who would do you harm. As always, stay safe and learn better to protect yourself.

  • The Multi-Function Stun Gun

    How many people actually feel safe when they go out today. There was at time when going to work or walking in the park felt like a safety zone to me. Now, when I go for a walk(especially at night) I walk faster or cross the road to avoid people. This is not paranoia, but a sign of the times when people are more aggressive an brutal towards each other. A good example was a pregnant woman last year in Lexington, K.Y. She had just finished a jog with a friend, when a man who had being watching and following her, attacked and strangled her to death. This was a tragic loss of life to her family and friends. How could things have gone differently?

    With the brazen attacks, people must be even more vigilante than before to protect themselves. This is not to scare you, but to provide you with tools to survive the reality of todays world. First, make sure you have a partner with you if at all possible. Second, travel routes where there are a lot of visible people. Third ( this is where I come in) be armed with something to protect yourself.

    I have talked about several types of self defense products but this new one really caught my eye. The Stun Master Multi- Function Stun Gun has a lot of features I admire and will keep you alive. The bright LED Light will blind the person while you deliver nine and a half million volts of pain. A three to five second application will cause the loss of muscle control, confusion, and massive disorientation. They will collapse, giving you time to to get away and get help. There is also no shock back if the person is touching you. There is a disable wrist pin so they can't use it against you.

    Remember, when you are out, predators are looking for people who they think are weak and easy prey. Make sure you give them the surprise of their life with the multi-function stun gun. Stay safe and have a good day.

  • The Flashlight Stun Gun

    These days when a person is starting out on their own they may encounter a lot of dangers they don't know exist. Especially from families who are taught to look at the good in everyone. Lets face it, these days a lot of people will hurt you just for fun or to take what is yours. A single person or single mother living out in a secluded area must take extra precautions. Women are considered by a lot of predators easy targets to hurt, rape, rob, or do anything they want to. Lets change their minds where they become the victim.

    The 18 Million Volt Stun Gun Zoomable Flashlight is the latest in self defense technology that will turn the tables in favor of the victim. This device can protect a person in three ways: 1. 18 millions volts to bring an attacker to their knees while you get away. 2. An adjustable flashlight that can blind the perpetrator so you can stun them and get away. 3. It can be used as club because its made out of an aircraft grade hard aluminum. This stun gun was made state of the art to protect a person and bring down their attacker.

    Still some people don't want to make the meager investment to protect themselves because they think never me. I won't be the one. Unfortunately, this thinking has gotten a lot of people hurt or worse. Someone probably won't be there when you call for help. You need a back up plan to keep yourself alive until you can get the proper help. This flashlight stun gun is the plan you need. Remember, also, this is just to take them down while you escape. Don't try to be a hero, that's what the police are paid for. Till next time, you and your loved ones stay safe.

  • The Sensational Solar Kettle

    Gear like the portable solar kettle are crucial items needed for longer term camping trips. It guarantees, to a reasonable extent ,your water is sterilized and safer to drink. You will not have to worry about getting sick from a disease that is within the water. This gear is also useful for short trips. If your car were to break down and you did not bring enough water to last you the expected time ,it could help you from becoming dehydrated. The solar kettle, can under favorable conditions, boil 3 cups in half an hour. You could have about fifteen cups ready in about two and a half hours, thus supplying the needed water for several people.

    Another great reason to bring one of these kettles is that it does not use electrical or other dependent power sources. Also, since it use independent solar power and has no mechanical parts, it has a low probability of breaking down or malfunctioning.

    This device could also simply be used as an indoor water saver . The kettle could take in rainwater , then sterilize it for only the cost of waiting for some sunshine. With it only weighing about 3 pounds, it is easy to transport while being on a hike or trip.

    Other than boiling/sterilizing water, the kettle could also be used to brew tea or cook some food, such as roman or eggs. Also it can desalinate water so you will not have to worry about finding a fresh water stream. This works great for boating excursions because you will not have to bring as much fresh water. You could stay on the ocean or lake for a longer period of time. It should be noted that, although usually takes thirty minutes to sterilize water under very favorable circumstances , it can take longer based on where you live ,the temperature of the water, and how sunny it is that day. This is a must have item for people who love the outdoors, but do not want to carry huge volumes of water with them.

  • High Definition surveillance Sytems

    With the rise of crime there is a great need to take extra care to keep what is yours. I was visiting a friend of mine a couple of years back. I had parked my orange mountain bike right outside her sliding glass window. A few minutes later I looked and it was gone- taken right from under my nose. This is just one of the things that have gone missing over the years, and often right from my private property.

    These thefts could have been avoided ;or I could have at least found out who took my belongings and recovered them. Thankfully I have been educated on the surveillance technology available to me to even the odds.

    How many different kind of technologies and what are the right ones for me? Well, research on the subject is always a good thing, but I will tell you the old analog surveillance pictures give a blurry picture that is hard to make out. The new High Definition Surveillance Systems give you a much clearer picture ( evening with fast moving objects.) You also get a lot more recording time.

    What else can the surveillance system help you with. Well, you could use it to make sure no unwanted person is visiting your house when you are not at home, get a vehicle number if it damaged something on your property, and most importantly monitor the safety of your kids or other loved ones. Just come on down to my site and look at the awesome technology you could have at your disposal. I myself had to look at the cost of what was being taken over the years and the security  and peace of mind a surveillance system would bring me. Hope you make the right choice and take care of the ones you love. Have a great day and stay safe.

  • The Lethal L'il Guy

    These days, just taking a walk or run can be full of surprises. Some of them are unexpected and often filled with danger. I remember a while back I was taking a walk in downtown Lexington, KY when do rather large when approached me. One stood beside me and literally demanded money from me. His even larger partner stood looming over me from behind for the intimidation factor. I gave them a dollar(which is all I had because I thought it was better than getting hurt. I am only about f 5'7 and have no real fighting ability to match both of them. This made me think of what I could do to protect myself in the future. That's when I discovered a self defense item I could legally conceal and defend myself!

    The stun Master L'il  guy stun gun was a very good way to protect myself and take my attacker by surprise. This little beast will fit in your hand unseen and deliver 7,500,000 volts of punishment to anyone that tries to hurt or take advantage of you. It is a great alternative to the more bulky stun guns that can be seen by predator. The advantage of surprise can mean the difference of you walking away unhurt or your attacker doing anything they want to you.

    You have to think, for the meager price it is a good trade for your safety. There are other precautions such as walking with a partner, taking areas well lit, and letting people know where you are going and when you expect to return that adds to your safety. The L'il guy stun gun can make sure you stay safe and get away until you can contact help. Lastly, don't try to stay and detain or fight the person. Your main objective is to return home safe to the people who love you. Stay safe, alert, and educated on your area and the tools to keep yourself alive.

  • Extreme College Survival Kit

    Those of us with children, especially daughters,  worry when we send them out into the world, when we force them from the nest permanently.  With the Extreme College Survival Kit some of these worries might lessen.  We protect our children to the point that they are not truly aware of the dangers out there and therefore do not know how to protect themselves.
    This kit offers several reports; such as, "College And Campus Safety Tips", "Roommates", "How to Secure Your Dorm or Apartment", and more.  With these reports our kids will know what to look for and therefore anticipate possible problems and how to effectively deal with them.
    The Extreme College Survival Kit, also, contains a variety of products.  Our kids will have the tools they need and not have to worry about where they can locate, buy, or pay for these items, since everything will be gathered together for them.  Everything is non-lethal, safe, has warranties, and an instructional DVD is included.
    There are many great items in this survival kit.  The Diversion Book Safe will blend in with many of our young students text and reference books and they will have a safe place to hide their valuables.  The Door Stop Alarm can easily be activated and installed in front of the door of a dorm or apartment alerting our kids of unwelcomed intruders.  The Nap Alarm, which is hooked on the ear and alerts a driver if they should nod off while behind the wheel, could be beneficial for those driving home from the late night library study sessions.  And a variety of Pepper Sprays that can be place in various places; such as, car, key chain, and home.  That way there is never one far away when needed.  And many more.
    Your safety is important to us

  • PTZ Dummy Camera with LED

    I have a friend who has a problem.  He and his family live next to some very unsavory types.  The neighbors and their guests have left garbage and drug  paraphernalia in my friend's yard.  The neighbor's guests (up to fifty a day) have a tendency to visit at all hours but curiously only stay for about 15 minutes.  Unfortunately, my friend and his family can't move at the moment.
    So my friend decided to protect his property with a camera system, that way if his neighbors or their guests decided to pay him a visit he would have video evidence.  I thought this was a good idea until he told me he wanted to mount the camera on the roof of his front porch and point it toward the street of his neighbor's house.  I told him that he should hide the camera while taking surveillance but he wanted them to know they were being watched.  So I suggested that he hide the real camera and purchase a dummy camera and mount it to the roof of his porch.  The dummy camera is inexpensive, lets people know they are being watched, and can be used as a decoy for a more expensive system.  My friend decided to follow through on his original idea and within a month someone managed to come up on the blind side of the camera and destroy it, which was a shame.
    I like the PTZ Dummy Camera with LED.  It looks exactly like the real camera with a flashing red light, which only requires 2 AAA batteries.  The dummy camera is water proof so it can be installed outside.  It can also be mounted in a variety of ways since it has a hinge.  It can be used to discourage random criminals or as a decoy for more expensive systems.
    Good luck and stay safe.

  • The ultimate Spy Recording Glasses

    Have you ever watched those old movies with super spy technology. They are the classic things from our childhood that thrilled and excited us with its futuristic technology. Well, many of these science fiction gadgets are actually being made into reality. From the moving walls to contacting people on a giant screen. Technology has come a long way since the early 1950's and 60's.

    Hidden cameras are probably one of the greatest improvement since those early times. They come in many forms such as ties, baseball caps, and my favorite Eye Glasses Spy Camera with built in DVR. This type of hidden camera is wireless and undetectable. The frames are very sturdy and give you that stylish modern look. This is the kind of surveillance you need to have to gather evidence for a variety of different situations. You are recording some situation in plain sight and nobody is one the wiser.

    Why would you really want something like this. Well, a lot of surveillance systems cost hundred of dollars, These glasses are a fraction of that price, and a lot easier to operate. They are also a fun way to gather the evidence you need. You can more control the exact time and area of recording. Remember, you can't carry a hidden surveillance system around- you can the glasses. You can down load all this information easily to a computer. Its like having eyes that actually record everything  you see.

    In conclusion, these  glasses are fun, cheap way to gather whatever information you choose  You will also look good wearing them while you secretly record all the important information you need.  They are truly a marvel of the modern age. Hope you come to my site and check them out for yourself. Have a good day  and keep having fun.

  • Ultimate Safety Kit for Women

    Women are now the greatest number of the population who travel in united states and abroad. About twenty eight million travel by themselves. There are a lot of safe place to go but there are also dangerous places. Many women are assaulted while staying in a hotel or just walking down the street. There are many things that can happen if you are not educated and prepared when you go out and away from home. A women in Lexington KY had just been dropped off by her friends when two guys kidnaped, raped her over several days , and stole her sense of safety and security.

    What can we do against such evil predators. One thing is for a women not to walk alone (especially at night) and have something to contact a person for help if they are in danger. When you are at a hotel always make sure the door is locked. If someone you don't know comes to the door, call the front office to make sure they are supposed to be there. If you still don't feel comfortable letting them in, just don't do it. Nothing should compel you to do something you don't feel alright with. A friend of mine at a safety seminar said if a guy in a Santa suit approaches you, pepper spray him and donate latter. That really gave me a laugh, but you know what, that's absolutely the truth.

    There are several things you can have with you to further protect yourself. We have put together a ultimate women's safety kit to help turn the odds in her favor. Pepper spray, electronic whistle, and several other things to give her that extra piece of mind. Face it, the ladies in our life are awesome and irreplaceable. You ladies have fun traveling and as always keep safe.

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