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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • The practical Kubotan

    Kubotans, what are they? They are cylindrically shaped and about 5.5 inches long. They are made of a construction metal and the hand has ridges for a great grip. Their popularity has doubled over the past few years. They originated in japan and became popular in the us when they were introduced to the LAPD for female officers.

    They come on a keychain and are sold in a variety of colors. They can be easily hidden on the body and are deceptively powerful. Pressing on somebody's chest with the end is painful and with force them back. You can strike your attacker in a variety of areas on the body and will cause and instant attitude adjustment. The are a great addition in the self-defense arsenal.

    Still you may say, why a kubotan? Well, owing a gun is not for everybody and even you have one there is a number of places that it is illegal to carry it. Not so with a kubotan. It is not legally considered a weapon and anyone is allowed to own one. You can carry it anywhere as your secret protection.

    A final thought. Kubotans are meant for self-defense if you cannot get away from your attacker. Don't try to be a hero and fight the person to teach them a lesson. Get away if you can. Make sure you practice with it so you don't wind up getting hurt. STAY SAFE!

  • The awesome Pepper Spray

    There are many products on the market for self-defense. Some are lethal like a handgun or knife. These are not for everybody. I will introduce you to a great and popular no-lethal self-defense alternative. Hot shot pepper spray mad with finer grains than the coarser grains and much more effective.

    Pepper spray can come disguised in many different forms such as a pen, lipstick, or keychain. That's what you want- the element of surprise on your attacker. These criminals have been using that on the regular law abiding person for years. It's time for you to give them a taste of their on medicine. Show them what it's like to be the victim.

    The pepper pen can spray up to eight feet and can take out multiple assailants with 6-10 one second bursts. Lipstick pepper spray is the one I really recommend for a woman out by themselves or on a date- especially with someone you don't know that well.

    The main reason for having this pepper spray is so you can disorient your assailant and get away. The spray does this by causing the mucous membranes to swell up and the eyes to burn and close. This will give you time to get away and get help.






  • The power of the pretender stun gun

    The pretender stun gun is a great way for you to protect yourself without your attacker even aware that you are armed! It has 4.5 million volts of stopping power that will leave the perpetrator wishing he never met you. You have to come  in contact with the person with the two prongs on top of the device. It can penetrate as much as ½ inch of clothing.

    The amount of contact time will have different results on your assailant. A fourth of a second will startle your attacker. Mental confusion and falling down are normal for a one or two second application. Three to five seconds contact will cause muscle spasms, confusion, and major disorientation. Your attacker will be immobilized and you can get away to get help. The most effective places to use the stun gun is shoulder, lower rib cage, and upper hip area.

    There are other great benefits to this stun gun. There are no permeant effects as with a firearm or other lethal weapon. The small size allows you to carry an conceal it in many places such as pocket, handbag, or belt. You will know its on win the led flashlight it has is activated. It has must be in on position before discharging, so you don't accidentally hurt yourself.

    Remember always to get proper training. You don't want to accidently hurt yourself or a friend. Also, as with anything, make sure that the state you are living in allows for the purchase of this kind of self defense. This will keep you legally out of trouble.

    A final thought- this is a great buy and a great way to protect your family and home. They are definitely worth the meager investment because they can't be replaced.

    Check out they great buys on my webpage. Click on bargainpretenderstungun and have a great day.

  • Many uses of paracord

    Hi, When I need to pull something not huge to tie, something I often like paracord. Why paracord? It has many uses that could help in everyday life. There are many options for rope because it does not rot and is incredibly strong. I often use paracord for things such as tying luggage down on top of cars or tying down nets. Paracord was invented in WWII to hold the parachute. It was so useful that it was often cut from the parachute. Because it cannot only be used as rope, but when cut open it had 7 strands. These strands could be used as things, such as stitching material to floss. Though if you were tried to do so ,I STRONGLY RECONMEND you boil it first or it could cause an infection.

    I have used paracord for many things, though it makes nice gear, such as bracelets and belts These can be useful. When taken apart in an emergency ,They can be repurposed for things such as stitching, slings, or even fishing lines. Since it is only 1/8 of an inch in diameter , this allows it so that a belt of the stuff can contain more than 90ft of Paracord that can hold up to 550 pounds.

    Just in case you are wandering about color true military grade Paracord is only in black or camouflage colors. If you want other colors, you will have to get non military Para cord. This may not as good, but still has the 550 pound breaking strength.

    Paracord is an essential piece of equipment for any survival kit to survival gear enthusiasts. ). I hope you take this article to heart and that if you are ever in trouble Paracord will come to save the day.

  • The need for Dome Camera Technology

    Tired of having cameras that the picture is so blurry you can't make out the object? Pictures so unrecognizable that it looks like early 20's technology? Well, I am about to introduce you to a leap in technology: The outside intellispy DC-HD45-DN with HD outside dome camera.

    With a lot of cameras, you have a trailing, blurry effect. This especially true if the object is moving fast. This camera takes crystal clear picture where you can see the license plate. It is good for inside or outside use.

    This dome camera also has Smart IR and WDR technology. This means that this camera will adjust to the amount of light and gives you a crystal clear picture. You can stick with the old analog technology or check out this smart technology that gives you all you need.

    Remember, intruders are expecting something that will not be able to catch them if they are fast and clever enough. This technology, however, works with the environment and catches them on camera no matter what they do. Check them out on my web page and get one now.


  • Guard Alaska for all your bear problems

    Are you one of those people who love the outdoors and camping? If so and you like going to different places, some of them are inhabited by bears. There is nothing like that feeling of total helplessness when you come face to face with an angry grizzly. Some people may want to shoot them but that doesn't always work and they end up being mauled. I have a more humane and effective way to deal with the situation.

    Guard Alaska bear spray is the most effective repellent I have ever watched. Since bears have seven times the smelling power of a bloodhound, the effect of the spray is quick and  repels the bear almost instantly. The ingredient ,capsicum is what make the spray “hot” in both human and bear sprays. It causes swelling and temporary blindness that sends the bear running and gives you time to get away.

    Does this sound to inhumane? Well, you could use a firearm to protect yourself (which doesn't always work) or use guard Alaska knowing the bear will eventually recover. Also, the spray is totally safe for the ozone and doesn't have any chemicals that will harm the environment.

    In conclusion, pepper bear spray is a better choice to keep both you and the bear safe from permeant injury. If you need more convincing there is plenty of research out there to back this up. Come visit my page and check it out.

  • Why buy dummy cameras

    Dummy Carmeras, so what are they. The are cameras that look like the real thing that you would see in any shop, house, or parking lot. They don't actually record, so why would you want one? One word deterrent.

    They look so real that you can't tell the difference- and neither can the intruder. Most criminals don't want to take the chance when they think they are being recorded. They will move on to greener pastures.

    Dummy cameras have several other benefits: 1. They are very cost effective compared to a regular surveillance systems. 2. They are not connected to anything and this makes them portable. 3. They are battery operated and thus will keep working if you have an electrical failure. 4. Some come with verbal warning sounds such as “intruder stop” and have flashing led light. 5. They are weatherproof and will last a long time.

    So, if you don't have much money to spend, but need that extra protection – don't be the next victim, buy a dummy camera.

  • Benefits of Child Guard Panda

    Have you ever been walking through the mall or on the beach with your child and you look around and he or she is not there. This happened to me a a Lexington KY grocery store . My boy was four and he wondered off while I was looking at different cereal brands. I started to panic and my heart went in my throat. If only I had the luxury of a Child Guard Panda. What is that you ask?

    It is a backpack shaped as a panda with a transmitter inside. It comes with a receiver held by the adult. It can be programmed anywhere from 6 to 30 feet. When the child wanders outside the programmed area a signal goes off to warn the adult. A very disguised and effective product to keep your most precious ones on earth safe.

    The child panda guard is also child friendly. It is not like the leashes some people use to keep control of their children. This keeps the child from being stressed out and you confident that he/she is safe. In other words it is a leash without the leash. It is also very cost effective compared to a lot of products on the market.

    A final thought- talk to your kids about safety and not going off with strangers. Tell them to yell out if someone tries to forcibly take them. Make sure you tell them not to take the panda monitor off. Their safety must come before anything. Have a good day and keep safe.

  • Empowered by Steel Batons

    Telescopic steel batons as a means of self defense? You Bet! These light weight steel devices are very  painful when you strike an attacker with one. They are also can be compacted to about 6-7 inches. Imagine your attackers surprise when you flick your wrist and they expand to about 2 feet of steel! I wouldn't want to be the idiot trying to bully or rob you.

    Most people don't really want to fight, just try to intimidate you. When you whack them with this lightweight steel a couple of time most people with get the message and retreat.

    The good thing about them is you can carry them in a purse or holster on your side. They look harmless until you expand them and the person will realize what trouble they have walked into.

    What is most important is that you learn how to use them properly, so you don't get hurt. There are plenty of videos on the internet on how to use them. You could also practice in the mirror or on a pillow to get the feel of them.   So, if you want that extra protection to my webpage and take a look at the selection and great prices!   Also, remember you don't need a permit to use or carry one.

  • The power of Diversion Safes

    Taking something that someone has earned isn't a new concept. When the economy is down crime picks up and thieves find it easier to take what you worked for .Here in Lexington ky we had a group of families that would rob houses to support their families rather than get a job. Do you want to be a victim or take action? What is the alternative to being robbed? Diversion safes are a good start.

    How can diversion safes help? First you have to understand one thing about thieves, they are on to how people think about hiding things under the mattress, in the ceiling, or in the refrigerator, they are professionals in this thinking-much better than you. The average thief only spends 8-10 minutes in a home. Here's where diversion safes come in-the concept of hiding things in plain sight puts a strain on the robbers time table.

    The diversity of diversion safes is vast. They can come in a soda can, a thermometer, a plant ,an oil can, or my favorite a wall socket. The more time the thief spends looking the less chance they have of finding your valuables.

    Make sure if you buy a soda can or bathroom cleaner safe you don't put it under the mattress, it will stick out. The ideas is to hide in plain sight-put it with other oil cans or bathroom cleaner cans. The diversity of this product makes it one of the best inventions of this century.

    A final thought: diversion are a great way to keep the money you earned and the valuables that you can't replace safe and the thief frustrated. Come visit me and look at my vast selection.

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